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Qrsstylezz is here providing you with popular styles of hair ranging from Body Wave, Deep Wave, Loose Wave, Kinky Curly, Silky Straight, and Afro Kinky which we are very confident you will be able to find the best hair you are looking for.

With Closure's and Frontal's  to match!


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Are you ready to go?  From Doubt to Confidence. From Hiding out to Stepping forward. From Behind the scenes to Center stage. From Uncertainty to Clarity and From Fear to Courage.


3D Mink Lashes , Faux Lashes and Thinline 3D Lashes !

3D Faux Queen Lashes
Medium Blonde I-Tip

Medium Blonde I-Tip

Natural Black I-Tip

Natural Black I-Tip

Medium Brown U-Tip

Medium Brown U-Tip

Brazilian Body Wave Hair Bundle Deals

Brazilian Body Wave Bundle Deals

3D Mink eyelashes

3D Mink Lashes- Milan

Platinum Blonde U-Tip

Platinum Blonde U-Tip

Your are a


Strong , Beautiful , Bold and the ruler of an independent state.

A Queen that


The journey that involves finding your strongest attributes and enjoying your beauty immensely..

Relish the moment

Standing in Style

I can show you how to uncover your hidden keys to being a Queen Relishing Standing in Style.



Our Quality Hair Company has a huge variety From Sew-In , Tape-In , Clip- In , Micro bead , Wigs , and Ponytails. And to top it all off , we also have our 2oz -4oz  Clear & Black Edition Edge Control  .

Beauty is YOU ! Choose the look desired for YOU ! SHOP NOW !

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